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123 Laminate/Celloplus
140K - Saran Coated Cellophane Heavy
140MST - Heavy Cellophane
195K - Saran Coated Cellophane Light
120NKR- Light Cellophane
Barrier Striped Bags
Oriented Poly Propylene
   110 ASB-X Light Polypropylene
   150 ASB-X Medium Polypropylene
   170 ASB-X Heavy Polypropylene

This film provides and excellent barrier to water vapor, flavors and aromas. It seals easily and provides a superior seal strength. It has a high gloss appearance. Use this film for packaging heavy weight food and non-food products.
170 ASB-X Heavy Polypropylene
Code Name Image Price  
M7F-2138-S 1000 FLAT 3 x 5.5 170ASB-X   $41.71
M7F-3347-S 1000 FLAT 4.75 x 6.75 170ASB-X   $59.82
M7F-4054-S 1000 FLAT 5.75 x 7.75 170ASB-X   $73.95